First Ladies of Fashion: Michelle Obama and Maria Pinto

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First Ladies of Fashion: Michelle Obama and Maria Pinto

I’ll never forget that purple dress Michelle Obama wore the night her husband claimed the Democratic presidential nomination. It was straightforward, flattering and feminine, and oh, the color…

Chicago designer Maria Pinto is responsible for the purple sheath, as well as the elegant blue dress Obama wore the night she gave her speech at the Democratic National Convention. (Again, the color!) On Monday, she wore a conservative red Pinto frock to the White House, complete with three-quarter sleeves and a pleated neckline (see above photo).

Pinto is known for using luxurious European fabrics and flattering cuts. Her day and evening designs are structured, sophisticated and feminine. She recently opened a store in Chicago, and you can find her items at Barneys and Saks Fifth Avenue. Here's hoping she dresses Mrs. Obama on Inauguration Day.