Charley Harper comes to Old Navy

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Charley Harper comes to Old Navy

One of my favorite illustrators and one of my, uh, favorite mall stories have joined forces to create some of the cutest gifts I wish I had tiny children in my life to give to. Old Navy now carries a line of baby t-shirts and games bearing the beautiful, mid-century naturalist works of Charley Harper. 

Todd Oldham, Old Navy's creative director, co-authored Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life with the late artist, and likely had a lot to do with this collection.

I may very well have to pick up some of the alphabet flash cards and floor puzzles (shown above) for myself, but I'm also holding out for some lady-sized illustrated shirts, as I really just do not think I'll be able to squeeze into a 5T of this.

Harper's works already appear on a few lines of home goods and stationary, which I've sought out a few times this year for gifts (and actually, I'm headed to Heliotrope near Paste HQ to pick out a few as Christmas presents this very evening). Framing his works on note cards and kids' flash cards are a great alternative if you can't afford actual prints (which I so can't). Plus, you get a lot in one box, so you can spread the love around!

(Thanks to Dooce for the tip about the Old Navy line.)