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Guitar-tappin’ bad-ass Marnie Stern offers the second single, “Transparency is the New Mystery,” from her self-titled release.

Marnie Stern is due to drop Oct. 5 on Kill Rock Stars. Stern’s long-time co-conspirator and Hella member Zach Hill appears on the album. Other talent on this fierce third release includes Stern’s boyfriend bassist Matthew Flegel of Canadian psych band Women and Mars Volta mixer Lars Stalfors.

“It’s direct and honest and real,” Stern said in a news release. “I’m no longer taking cover under guitar lines or yelping vocals.”

Marnie Stern Tracklisting:

1. For Ash
2. Nothing Left
3. Transparency is the New Mystery
4. Ricky Biz
5. Female Guitar Players are the New Black
6. Gimme
7. Cinco De Mayo
8. Building a Body
9. Build Her Confidence
10. The Things You Notice

Listen/download “Transparency is the New Mystery” here.

Pre-order Marnie Sternhere.

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