One Billion Rising: An Uprising of Artists on V-Day

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In 1996 Eve Ensler wrote and performed The Vagina Monologues. The play has now been translated into over 45 languages and performed in over 120 countries. It has also been re-created as an HBO film. But this groundbreaking play is only the tip of the iceberg.

Fifteen years ago tomorrow—on Valentine’s Day—Ensler founded a non-profit called V-Day that is dedicated to stopping the violence against women and girls worldwide. Tomorrow, 1,000,000,000 (yes, nine zeros for billion) people in over 200 countries will rise up against rape and violence. Many of these passionate activists are artists.

Atlanta celebrity musicians Korin Deanna, Doria Roberts and Fly Musiq are all rising.

“I’m rising because its time for us all to really come together and make a difference globally, and not just talking about change, but being about change!” says Deanna, who wrote and recorded a song called “One Billion Rising” (the name of tomorrow’s global event).

“I hope that my music helps give more insight to such a powerful movement! I hope that my music uplifts and inspires more people to get behind this cause, as well as help those who are walking through different kinds of abuse, to feel that they have overcome and are victorious!” she smiles.

Doria Roberts has been involved with V-Day since being part of a Vagina Monologues performance at the Tabernacle in 2007. There she had the honor of reading alongside fellow women’s-rights rock stars Jane Fonda and Sara Blakely.

“I’m rising because I’ve been creating awareness for domestic violence issue since I started performing about 20 years ago,” says Roberts, a survivor of domestic violence herself.

“As a teen, I was once arrested for defending my mom,” says Fly Musiq, who grew up witnessing violence against her own mom. “I am willing to do anything I can to bring awareness to it the mistreatment of women,” she says. Fly uses her rap music to do just that, “I truly believe that music is the universal language. Words are powerful.”

It’s not too late to join these artists and one billion other people and rise up tomorrow. Visit and watch Korin Deanna’s “One Billion Rising” below:

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