Tappa Kegga Bru - The 5 Best College Comedies Ever

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Some of the funniest films ever made
pay tribute to that special time of transition in life between youth and adulthood. Yes, I'm talking about college—those carefree days of waking up hungover in a pile of your own vomit, only to realize you've missed your philosophy mid-term. Just thinking about it, I'm instantly transported back to my College of Charleston dorm room, with its painted-blue concrete walls and window that didn't open. I'm hitting snooze because I don't want to get up for my 2 p.m. thursday class. "Might as well skip it," I think to myself as I roll over and start drifting back to sleep. "With the amount of time it'll take for that ceiling fan to dry the boxers I hand-washed last night because I spent my change for the coin laundry on beer, I'll never make it anyway."

3. PCU (1994) 1. Animal House (1978)