The 11 Best TV on the Radio Songs of All Time (Right Now)

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The 11 Best TV on the Radio Songs of All Time (Right Now)

Travis Morrison used to post his "favorite songs of all time (right now)" on the official website of his band, The Dismemberment Plan (RIP), and I always kinda loved the idea. After all, what are lists of favorites if not, so very often, ever-changing animals? Keeping that in mind, and keeping also in mind that it's well documented that I've been fairly obsessed with TV on the Radio ever since the band began releasing music in 2003, I thought this an appropriate contribution to our (semi-)newly minted List of the Day blog.

So, why 11 songs? How come you only included audio or video for a portion of those 11? Really, you like "New Health Rock"? Why didn't you give Dear Science a higher rating in your review? Isn't "Staring at the Sun" a predictable choice for #1? People honestly enjoy this band's music? Couldn't you have included more songs from Dear Science? How come you didn't write anything about the songs below? By implying that this list could change at any time, aren't you really just refusing to take a stand? Why are you such a coward? BUT SERIOUSLY, ISN'T DEAR SCIENCE THE BEST ALBUM EVER MADE?!? These are all fair questions, and I encourage you to attempt some creative answers to them in the comments section below.

11. "Province" (Return to Cookie Mountain)