10 Best Songs To Listen To While The Gators Spank Alabama in the 2008 SEC Championship

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gators-logo.png 10. Sufjan Stevens - “Decatur”

The song’s shuffling tempo and plunking banjo don’t exactly scream “get psyched!” but it’s hard to find many songs that make glancing mention of a “wild alligator.” Yes, I realize that in context the lyric mentions that someone “caught” the aforementioned wild alligator, however Stevens neglects to finish that plot thread, which ends with the gator escaping captivity and brutally mauling 28 Alabama fans.

9. The Strokes - “Reptilia”

It’s pretty obvious that this song is a paean to the Florida Gators. For one thing, the title isn’t exactly subtle. Also, according to Wikipedia, Julian Casablancas attended the University of Florida and graduated “sumo good lawdy” with a degree in Sports Management. And that cool sliding-around, pre-chorus guitar riff is awesome just like the Gators are awesome. Coincidence? Hardly.

8. Death Cab For Cutie - “We Looked Like Giants”

have the speed and power of an NFL team, Ben Gibbard was the first to put the sentiment to verse.

7. Santogold - “My Superman”

In the chorus of this creepy-sounding tune, Santi White sings, “Make it fly / Bless your soul.” I find it really sweet how she wrote this song for Tim Tebow and invites her superman to the make the football fly through the air into the hands of the Gators’ absurdly talented receiving squad. Don’t be surprised when she abruptly changes her stage name to Santo-blue-and-orange.

6. - “Yes We Can”

concede that Barack Obama may not be a Gator fan (…yet!). After all, he went to law school at Harvard so he’s probably a huge Pilgrim fan, the prestigious university’s mascot being John Harvard, a pilgrim. But’s inspiring YouTube hit reminds me why Americans gave the boot to Republicans in this past election. Not because of George W. Bush’s low approval rating. Isn’t it obvious? Because the Republican party—represented by the elephant—just so happens to be the official mascot of the University of Alabama.