Five Fun Board Games

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Five Fun Board Games

Board games make great holiday gifts. Pretty much everyone enjoys playing games, and it’s a perfect family activity for the downtime between opening presents and eating. Here are my picks for the most fun board games:

1. Loaded Questions

This game will reveal how much you know about your friends and family. Plus, you get to answer questions like, “If you could rid the earth of three creatures, which would you dispose of?”

2. Balderdash

Because poker is hard to learn, but bluffing is SO FUN.

3. Cranium

This one’s for hyperactive folks who like to spell backwards, hum, answer trivia questions, draw with their eyes closed and sculpt.

4. Catch Phrase

The fastest game on the list—get your teammates to guess a word with clues before the buzzer goes off. That sounds boring. It’s more fun than it sounds.

5. Taboo

A lot like Catch Phrase, only certain words are (you guessed it) taboo. The key to winning: pick a partner you know well, and use inside jokes.