A dozen hilarious music-related YouTube videos

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You're going to be very product at work today. Just not for a little while. What follows are some of the funniest musical moments ever synched to moving pictures, digitized and uploaded to the third most popular site on the Internets (even beating out Ah, the joys of a goodYouTubevideo. Some of the following are old (by Internet standards), others will hopefully be brand new to you. But they're all musical, and they're all funny—whether that was the plan of those who created them or not. Put your headphones on, make sure your boss is on the phone and enjoy.

First, the intentionally funny:

1. Parody of Barenaked Ladies' "One Week"

What's amazing is that even this version of the song got the original stuck in my head.

2. Bert & Ernie try gangsta rap

YouTube videos are almost by definition labors of love when it comes to editing, and the creator of this one brought a lot of love to the project.

3. Kermit sings "New York I Love You" by LCD Soundsystem

This qualifies more as awesome than funny—especially when you see who the puppetmaster really is. Sorry if this is pulled from YouTube before you get to see it.

4. Flight of the Conchord's "Business Time"

Separating the recycling isn't a part of foreplay, but it's also very important.

5. (sand) Wich Boy's "Throw Some Cheese On It"

Cheese up in my 40. Gross, but funny.

6. Nickelback's "This is How You Remind Me of Someday"

OK, so this isn't really video. I couldn't help myself. The band so blatently recycled their hit, "This is How You Remind Me" when they recorded "Someday" that you can just play the two songs back-to-back and hear what people mean when they say a band is "formulaic." Just listen to both songs come back in from the break. Even better, listen here for a stereo split of the two songs.