Six Albums to Get Excited About in 2009

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When I wrote my Five Movies to Get Excited About in 2009 list a couple weeks ago, ostensibly, I was providing a reader service. But really, I was getting as pumped up about those movies as anyone reading that post. In fact, I'm listening to Ready to Die right now, looking forward to taking in a showing of Notorious this weekend. Looking forward to stuff is fun, and it makes actually experiencing said stuff just that much more awesome (or, alternately, disappointing).

Editing the news section of also gets me hyped about forthcoming albums on a daily basis. From big boys like U2 and Depeche Mode, to indie rockers like Peter Bjorn and John and The Wrens, to sweet reissues like Zero Boys and The Monks, to The Decemberists, Loretta Lynn, Morrissey and so many more, 2009 is chock full of new-release goodies. Antony's new one comes out next week, The Boss has a new album the week after that, M. Ward's latest drops two weeks after that, and Neko Case releases her record not long after that. Obviously, I could go on all day.

Without further ado, then, here are six albums to get excited about in 2009:

lotus_plaza_list.jpgLotus Plaza - The Floodlight Collective (March 23)
Atlanta's music scene is nothing if not incestuous. Collaborations abound and side projects are seemingly always popping up. Add one more to the pile, then. Lockett Pundt, guitarist of Deerhunter, will release his first solo album under the Lotus Plaza moniker in late March. The music (so far mostly debuted via the Deerhunter blog) is gorgeous and sporting a definite shoegaze inspiration. Try out a few of the tracks here.

condo_fucks_fuckbook.jpgCondo Fucks - Fuckbook (March 24)
Never heard of this "legendary New London, CT trio?" Don't fret, because we have it on good confidence that it's actually those crazy kids in Yo La Tengo (makers of our #17 album of 2006) parading under a pseudonym in order to crank out covers of the Beach Boys, Small Faces, Richard Hell, Flamin' Groovies, the Troggs and more. Sounds like a blast, no? Listen to or download the band's "Whatcha Gonna Do About It" here.

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