A Dozen Dead Roses: An anti-Valentine's Day mix for the jaded heartbroken

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Rilo Kiley - "Does He Love You?"

failed relationships from a female perspective better than Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis. “Does He Love You?” is an all-too-realistic tale recounting the fallout from an extramarital affair.


Langhorne Slim - "Hummingbird"

This Langhorne Slim tune is one of the most insightful, real songs about a breakup and the soul-searching and taking stock that follows. Slim’s voice cuts like a saw, the dust of his former relationship piling up at his feet as he coaxes hard-won truths from his guitar.


Ween - "I’ll Miss You"

From a hilarious band concerned primarily with taking this piss out of rock ’n’ roll and countless other genres by taking their respective clichés to absurdist extremes, the hushed, simple sincerity of this song is—likely the band’s most serious—is breathtaking. The hard to find “I’ll Miss You” (unavailable on iTunes and released only on the Beautiful Girls soundtrack CD) aches in a tangible way—the harmony vocals every bit as unironically sorrowful as the pedal steel, which drips over the song like tears streaming from bloodshot eyes down reddened cheeks.

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