Kill Your Television: Six Great Things to Watch on

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Kill Your Television: Six Great Things to Watch on

I recently got Internet hooked up in my apartment after about a year-and-a-half of self-imposed technological paucity, and it's basically amazing. I can do all sorts of fun things that I never could before, not the least of which includes destroying hours of my life on Wikipedia (I mean, did you know that Oscar I, King of Norway, had a such a killer 'stache?) and writing blog posts at 8 PM on Valentine's Day from the comfort of my own bed. But definitely the best part about having Internet at home is being able to take advantage of the riches of Hulu in the most comprehensive, self-indulgent, slovenly way possible. The picture quality is a bit icky, but all shows and movies are completely legal and free to watch. Here are six of my favorites, which I recommend watching marathon-style while wearing pajama pants and eating reheated pasta. Enjoy!

Friday Night Lights
In high school, I hated football so much that, by senior year, I was skipping pep rallies to stay in class and do homework. So the fact that a TV show about a small-town Texas football team could so completely steal my heart after only a few episodes means it's really special-- that, or I have completely lost my mind. I'm going with the former. The camera work is beautiful, the characters finely sketched-- even the most seemingly bone-headed jocks are worth rooting for.

The Thing
Totally creepy, totally affecting horror classic starring Kurt Russell before he was "Kurt Russell" and Wilford Brimley before he was "the diabeetus guy."

The Three Stooges
With the world economy collapsing all around us, who's not pining for some simpler times-- or some simpler minds? Stupid, predictable, and sublime. We love slapstick, yes we do, and these idiots are the masters.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
When this show and 30 Rock premiered around the same time in late 2006, I felt I had to make a choice between one meta-narrative about late-night TV variety show production or the other. Studio 60 won out because, at the time, I was under the impression that I hated Alec Baldwin. It was canceled before the end of the first season, but its 22-episode run is preserved here in its Sorkinful entirety.

Dog shows!
YouTube videos of sleepy pups are all well and good, but clips from the Westminster Kennel Club and two Purina National Dog Shows in their entirety will satisfy your jonesin' for cuteness and feed your competitive edge.

Lipstick Jungle
Because, let's face it, you like watching the rich ladies cry, too.