Ten Great Cardigans That Neko Case Might Also Love

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This month, Paste celebrates its 50th issue, with cover lady Neko Case counting down 17 things she loves. Meanwhile, I'm having my own little celebration because, do you know what I love? I love cardigans. And do you know what Neko is wearing on our cover (and possibly also in the photo above)? Totally a cardigan! This is quite exciting because, while we've had many a blazer and innumerable hoodies, never once has a cardigan graced the front of Paste.

Though considered lowly and nerdy by many, the cardigan is truly one of the great, unspoken legends of modern fashion. Versatile, comfortable, sometimes striped, sometimes with buttons, othertimes boldly patterned, or maybe just solid-colored, perhaps with a zipper, or no implements of fastening whatsoever, the cardigan is a cornerstone of my own wardrobe (I am wearing one now, in fact; cable-knit, kelly green) and I am proud to see it finally given its due by our fair magazine.

To honor such an occasion, I've compiled a collection of other cardigans that Neko Case might also love (but that, really, I just happen to like a lot myself). Yeah, some of the prices aren't too lovable, but window-shopping is free (and all anyone's doing these days anyway, right?).

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