The 10 Most Rewatchable Movies

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The 10 Most Rewatchable Movies

There's no particular redeeming factor in Sundays. Religious significance aside, its weekend status is completely neutralized by the impending work week. It would almost replace Monday as the most dreadable day of the week if not for one saving grace usually found on basic cable: The Rewatchable Movie. We're talking about the evergreen films, the immortal mainstream viewing experiences that provide the same entertainment value as when they were released on VHS 15 years ago. These are the movies that suck you in each and every time you catch them on TBS at 5 a.m. They are the bane of term papers, bar exams, sleep and your attendance at your first-born's birth.

Our only two rules are no franchises and no holiday films. So while The Godfather trilogy might rival the DMV for your man hours or you may have seen A Christmas Story more times than you've actually experienced Christmas, we're sticking to done-in-one deals. Here are our 10 Most Rewatchable Movies. Let us know yours in the comment section.

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