Raposauria, He: First-Listen Thoughts on DOOM's Born Like This

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Raposauria, He: First-Listen Thoughts on DOOM's <em>Born Like This</em>

A couple weeks back, word came down that that tricky masked villain would be dropping a new album. MF Doom, now unfortunately rechristened DOOM ("All big letters, but it isn't no acronym," as he says on "Ballskin."), will release Born Like This on March 23 via Lex Records. For a guy with so much allegedly on his plate (a new Madvillain record? a collaboration album with Ghostface? other various stuff?), it's nice to see him get around to releasing something.We'll have a proper review of the full album, but in the meantime, take a stroll with me through the Born Like This five-song promo sampler:

2. "Lightworks"
Album placement: Track 7
The beat: Originally released as an instrumental-only track on the late J Dilla's Donuts, this spacey beat comes complete with sirens, an awesome whispery whistle part and a female-sang, retro hook. It's very busy, but works.
Best line: "Munchkins gets punched in like vocal rhyme."

1. "Ballskin"

Album placement: Track 3

The beat: A bass-carried, piano embellished, funky track from Seattle's Jake One (50 Cent, Freeway, De La Soul). Nothing fancy, but it sure is nice. To be fair, the track barely cracks the minute-and-a-half mark, so it's not like the beat has a chance to really go anywhere.

Best line: "Waste of space / face hastily / bow out gracefully." -OR- "Don't believe the hyperbo-lee / it's like a murder spree / get sniped verbally."

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