The Ten Cutest Babies On Album Covers Ever

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Weird smells, non-verbal communication and other peoples' feces kind of freak me out, so I'm not the biggest fan of babies. Babies' one redeeming quality, so far as I can see, is their collective capacity for unbridled cuteness. If I don't have to hold them while such cuteness is happening, all the better! This makes album covers featuring babies especially ideal: You get the best part of the babies without actually having to be in the same room as them! And you get music! Bonus. There are a whole lot of album covers featuring babies (here is an incredibly comprehensive list), many of which are not actually all that cute, but here are ten that totally are.

(Note: Nirvana's Nevermind was disqualified for sheer over-exposure-- of the album cover, not the baby's you-know-what-- and also because, eh, only moderately adorable.)

james hey ma_250x250.shkl.png lil wayne tha carter iii_250x250.shkl.jpg morrissey years of refusal_250x250.shkl.jpg notorious big ready to die_250x250.shkl.jpg paul kantner grace slick sunfighter_250x250.shkl.jpg radiohead pablo honey_250x247.shkl.jpg shakira oral fixation vol 2_250x250.shkl.jpg the cure galore_250x251.shkl.jpg the game doctor's advocate_250x250.shkl.jpg tofog bastard life or clarity_250x250.shkl.jpg

Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts - Bastard Life or Clarity
Welcome to the world, little one. Russell Crowe has a band, that band has an album, and you're on the cover!

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