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Now that the Twitter universe has expanded to fans of The View and What Happens in Vegas, it's time to figure out whose 140-character tweets are worth reading. More than just concert announcements and what they had for breakfast—the miniature prose of these 10 musicians is almost as interesting as (or, in one case, more interesting than) their music. (And fake Tom Waits has been removed)...

1. ?uestlove (The Roots) - questlove
Best recent tweet: on behalf of big dudes everywhere: im TIRED of mofos thinking im not aware if i sit on a remote or keys or a samurai sword or judd nelson...
Runner-up:rick ross walks n our dressingroom & terence howard's UBERdramatic "love makes you beautiful" is blastin & he thinks we serious. AWK-WARD

2. Amanda Palmer - amandapalmer
Best recent tweet: You know you're in LA when pilot asks everyone over the intercom to send some "positive energy" to the mechanical problems they are having.
Runner-up: Airplane fail thwarted!!!! About to take off. Also: sally struthers in first class. this all must mean something profound....

3. John Roderick (The Long Winters) - johnroderick
Best recent tweet: Like a lot of old ladies, I collect commemorative plates. I narrowed my focus, though, to '70's Scandinavian mass-transit anniversaries.
Runner-up: Come on out to the EMP Pop conference today. Our panel is called Reconsidering the Groupie, and I'll be demonstrating with audience members.

4. Ryan Adams - ryanada_ms
Best recent tweet: quiet noises slow thoughts rain is barking no bite graylowlight and carrots
Runner-up: George strait is AWESOME!!!! And my word talk about tasteful pedal steel. Makes me wish i was playing music like that again.

5. Colin Meloy (The Decemberists) - colinmeloy
Best recent tweet: moving directly from Mastodon to Paul Simon is akin to putting one hand in cold water, one hand in hot and I'll pee myself.
Runner-up: Goodbye, Blender mag. Thanks for our first-ever national review, in which you called me "donkey-voiced."

6. Janelle Monáe - JanelleMonae
Best recent tweet: Yale is pretty funky. I could see myself here... once I got my masters in time traveling, fencing, and surrealism.
Runner-up: My life will forever be a musical. I will live in the theatre. I shall only speak to patrons with gold tassles. I'll marry fantasy and make out with scie

7. Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) - trent_reznor
Best recent tweet: Here at NIN labs we're actually working on a device that lets you punch people through the internet.
Runner-up: Kutcher / King / DiddyDumDum on CNN doing everything in their power to make Twitter seem as un-cool as possible.

8. Kristin Hersh - kristinhersh
Best recent tweet: noisy night...i swear, music is the lousy boyfriend i won't leave even though he beats the crap outta me sometimes (i still love it! ow!)
Runner-up: me: "what do you want for dessert, bo?" bodhi: "2 chiclets and a spider"

9. Lily Allen - lilyroseallen
Best recent tweet [clue to a pair of hidden concert tickets]: I have just hidden the final pair , right where stallone ran up all the stairs.
Runner-up: By this symbol of the city the flowers sure look pretty, they're giving of a stench from where I'm sitting on this bench

10. John Mayer - johncmayer
Best recent tweet: Re: 420, I don't smoke pot anymore. I just pay a dude 50 bucks to come over, press lightly on my chest and tell me all my ideas are awesome.
Runner-up: Let's play with the odds here. 714k followers. I'd like to say.... happy birthday...to Nicole... from Texas. Did I get anybody??

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Let me know who else is worth following in the comments. I'm on Twitter @ joshjackson.

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