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The fourth part in our Twitter recommendation series—after musicians, comedians and Trekkies—is Music Bloggers Worth Following on Twitter. We couldn't find Twitter accounts for Said the Gramophone or My Old Kentucky Blog, and Chromewaves is protecting his updates. But unsurprisingly, many music bloggers were early adopters of Twitter. In no particular order, here are a dozen of our favorites:

1. Stereogum - stereogum
Why we follow: To make our guilty pleasures seem like high art. Scott Lapatine's tastes are wide open, giving equal time to Britney and Animal Collective. And his Breakfast At Sulimay'sPhilly is brilliant. I love watching two out of three octagenarians fall in love with Bon Iver. Lapatine also Tweets more personally @scottgum.

2. The Daily Swarm - thedailyswarm
Why we follow: For the news. The Daily Swarm aggregates music news and videos from all over the Internets to cut down on all that pesky browsing.

3. Largehearted Boy - largeheartedboy
Why we follow: To see indie rock meet the literary world. In addition to an impressive selection of daily downloads on his site, David Gutowski offers book recommendations in his 52 books, 52 weeks series. He gets authors to create recommended playlists to for their writings in Book Notes (Check out Chuck Klosterman's "HOW TO EXPERIENCE "CHUCK KLOSTERMAN IV" WITHOUT BUYING IT, READING IT, OR PRETENDING TO HAVE READ IT") and musicians to comment on what they love to read in Note Books.

4. Aquarium Drunkard - aquadrunkard
Why we follow: For the new music. Justin Gage's L.A. blog features music news, reviews and mp3s. We also like his Off the Record feature, where musicians write about the cities where they live.

5. Atlanta Music Guide - atlantamusic
Why we follow: Because that's where we live. There's more going on this city than anytime I can remember, and AMG helps me keep up.

6. Brooklyn Vegan - brooklynvegan
Why we follow: Because that's not where we live. BV gathers actual original content about the goings-on in New York, helping New Yorkers (and the rest of us) stay on top of the city's music scene.

7. amazonmp3 - amazonmp3
Why we follow: For the ridiculous daily deals. Jazz albums straight from the canon for a buck. Brand new albums for $3.99. Sure, it's not really a blog, but skip all the bloggers' re-Tweets and go straight to the source.

8. Idolator - idolator
Why we follow: For our fix of snarkiness. Idolator spares no one, including sometimes us, with its sharp wit. Less invective can be found in Maura's personal Twitter account.

9. Gorilla vs. Bear - gorillavsbear
Why we follow: To keep up with every single thing Grizzly Bear ever does. And also for all the great mp3s, videos and even Polaroids of the world's buzziest bands.

10. Absolute Punk - absolutepunk
Why we follow: For the comprehensiveness of it all. With an almost unequaled community of music fans, anything and emothing is covered at AbsolutePunk.net.

11. Elbo.ws - elbows
Why we follow: So we never miss anything. Like The Daily Swarm, Elbo.ws is an aggregator. But rather than focus on news, it aggregates the best of the music blogosphere.

12. Daytrotter - daytrotter
Why we follow: For the awesome Daytrotter sessions and the equally awesome illustrations. Everyone from Aimee Mann and Andrew Bird to Death Cab For Cutie and Of Montreal have stopped by the studios in the middle of Iowa to record a live set.

Let me know who else is worth following in the comments. I'm on Twitter @ joshjackson.

Corrections from the comments section: My Old Kentucky Blog is indeed on Twitter @DodgeMOKB, and Chromewaves is @fyang. That just leaves Said the Gramophone. Where the Tweet are you?!? Also, Breakfast at Sulimay's is actually a Scrapple TV production re-posted by Stereogum.

Correction of the corrections: Sean from Said the Gramophone is @stgramophone. It's official. There are no Twitter hold-outs in music blogdom.

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