Seven Great Websites for Out-Of-Context Concerts

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There's nothing quite like the classic live music experience of standing elbow-to-ribcage with dozens or hundreds or thousands of strangers, basking in the glow of some sweaty collective of musicians working their magic onstage at a dark, smoky venue. But there's also nothing quite like that sweaty collective of musicians working their magic in the backseat of a car, or in a crowded elevator, or tucked between bookshelves in someone's office.

It seems that the same easily-accessible digital cameras that've flooded YouTube with screechy, grainy concert footage have also made way for a whole slew of carefully-filmed live music performances online, many of them stepping out of the concert hall and into the big weird world. Paste's own multimedia team has caught The Avett Brothers in a chairlift, Chairlift on a Ferris wheel (Jose Gonzalez, too) and the Royal Alberta Advantage in a fire-lit living-room. Here are some of our other favorite sites for out-of-context concerts.

La Blogotheque's Take Away Show
These French fellows first caught our attention with their footage of Arcade Fire playing "Neon Bible" in a freight elevator. Since then, they've filmed Loney Dear in a cafe, the Rosebuds in a van, R.E.M. in their natural habitat and more, capturing a really beautiful, frenetic, colorful energy in each show. The videos they did for Beirut's Flying Cup Club (one for each track) are great, too.

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