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As potent as they can be, our interactions with our favorite filmmakers generally only come once every couple of years and last for a scant two hours. What are they doing when they're not sharing their brilliant narrative visions with us? Well, at least some of them are sharing the decidedly less dramatic narratives of their life via Twitter (Greg Mottola: "i'm equally ambivalent on the green chili. Like the taste okay -- don't love the heartburn"). We've selected 10 of the most interesting filmmaker Twitterers for your following pleasure.

"10 Filmmakers to Follow on Twitter" is Part Six of a series that will end when I start coming up with more creative Lists of the Day:
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Here are the filmmakers:

10. Robert Rodriguez - RobertRdz
The Sin City director just joined the world of Twitter (unless this is a fake) a couple of weeks ago when he gave the commencement speech to his fellow University of Texas graduates.
Best recent tweet: Just made my own "white noise" to sleep using 28 distinct tracks from my movie sound effects library.

9. Paul Feig - paulfeig
Feig directed I Am David and nearly all of my favorite TV shows (Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Mad Men, Weeds, The Office, Freaks and Geeks).
Best recent tweet: Hot dog martinis! Boil two hot dogs 10 minutes, remove hot dogs, discard, pour hot dog water into glass, top with gin, drink, vomit, repeat.
Runner-up:In assoc. with American Girl, I'm announcing the opening of American Man, which will sell dolls of men in various stages of alcoholic decay.

8. David Lynch - DAVID_LYNCH
If you ever want to know the weather in L.A., Dave's your guy.
Best recent tweet: Thought of the Day: The ocean of consciousness within shining brightly is calling.
Runner-up:Hi everyone. Here's today's thought of the day: Find something that will whisper the full value of life.

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