Band Names That Sound Too Much Alike

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When our esteemed designer Josh Baker heard that Dignan was playing in our studio, he thought Dungen was coming in. Fortunately, both bands are awesome so he wasn’t disappointed—just a little confused. But it got us thinking about other bands with names that are too much alike. Here are our favorites:

1. Deerhunter vs. Deerhoof vs. Deer Tick vs. The Dear Hunter

2. Delta Spirit vs. Duke Spirit

3. Patti Smith vs. Patty Smyth

4. The Killers vs. The Kills

5. Royksopp vs. Goldfrapp

6. Cranberries vs. Raspberries

7. The Duchess & the Duke vs. The Duke & The King

8. Supergrass vs. Supertramp

9. The Hives vs. The Vines

10. Wye Oak vs. The Oaks vs. Among the Ash and Oak

11. Hot Hot Heat vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

12. Ladyhawk vs. Ladyhawke

13. Hem vs. Hymns

14. Cloud Cult vs. Cloud Room

15. Ryan Adams vs. Bryan Adams

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