21 Songs About Booze

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21 Songs About Booze

Above: Prohibition, what a waste.

Angelo Cammarata, 95, is the world's longest-running bartender. He's literally been serving since a few minutes after prohibition ended in 1933—he's even in the Guinness Book and Jim Beam's Bartender Hall of Fame for his longevity slinging suds. Of course, there's more to being a barkeep than pouring drinks. As this man has presided over his family business—no-frills neighborhood bar Cammarata's Cafe in West View, Pa.—for the better part of the last century and into the new millennium, he's also been a friend and counselor to his devoted regulars.

Now, Cammarata plans to retire, and in his honor we offer this playlist of songs about booze. Congratulations, Angelo, on a lifetime of hard work and good times at Cammarata's Cafe.