12 Funniest Hash Tags on Twitter

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The Hash Tag is dead. Long live the Hash Tag.

Sure they can make Tweets seem like some unreadable programming language, but for every hash tag claiming Monday for cats, declaring your love for GI Joe the Movie or starting a movement to bring everysinglepopstar to Brazil, there's a truly funny hash tag meme. Turns out, the hive-mind can be clever. Searching the history of Twitter, we've come up with what he think are the 10 Funniest Hash Tags. Sadly, Twitter.com itself is a lousy place to go looking for older memes, but Google works just fine.

12. #crapsuperpowers
(archived on Google)
Not everybody can be Hiro Nakamura or the cheerleader.

Great Tweets:
the ability to read any language, but not understand it. (via @mturf)
the ability to know the winning lottery numbers after they've been announced. (via @kssmitch)
the ability to out-argue ANYONE - yes, ANYONE - on ANY Internet forum. (via @iquerydef)
the ability to sneeze with my eyes open. (via @giantsiopao)

11. #nicerfilmtitles
(archived on Google)
The kindler, gentler side of Twitter.

Great Tweets:
The Bourne Diplomacy (via @tornadomagnet)
The Cheerful Bleating of the Lambs (via @topoisomerase)
Pet Seminary (via @confusion)
Snacks On a Plane (via @elfiem)

10. #mlia / #mylifeisaverage
More than a hash tag, this is also a website that has spawned AverageCats.com, a take-off on Lolcats.

Great Tweets:
I'm too smart for Wheel of Fortune but not smart enough for Jeopardy. (via @shizrae)
Re-alphabetized the bookshelf last night. Left strategic gaps so that the books I'm proudest to own happen to be eye level. (via @scottique)
I submitted five stories to #MLIA today, and NONE of them were published. (via @proudrhrshipper)
Today, I was reading 60 ways to get kicked out of wal-mart. Number 41 was to make a pillow fort. I know what I'm doing today. #MLIA. (via @EricRedmond)

9. #filmfoodeating
(archived on Google)
A mash-up of two of my favorite things.

Great Tweets:
City of Gouda (via @SecondCityMyAss)
Planet of the Grapes (via @G4V)
Night of the Leavening Bread (via @CambridgeChef)
Corndog Millionaire (via @bradmeehan)

8. #unlikelysequals
(archived on Google)
Daring Hollywood to outdo Earnest Goes To Africa.

Great Tweets:
My Big Fat Greek Funeral (via @macblogt)
Titanic II (via @Wd2048)
Re:You've got mail (via @antorange)
Unlikely Prequel: How Stella lost her groove (via @GarryZink)

7. #crapnamesforpubs
(archived on Google)
Where everybody knows your name because you're the only one there.

Great Tweets:
The Pyloric Sphincter (via @EmDashMan)
The Suppository's Inn (via @crabworld)
The Tetanus Shot (via @WeirdestThing)
The Overlit (via @charltonbrooker)

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