Fourteen Catchiest Apple Ads (Plus, Who's That Singing In The New Nano Commercial?)

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Fourteen Catchiest Apple Ads (Plus, Who's That Singing In The New Nano Commercial?)

With their clean lines, bright hues, tech-forward features and cultural cache, it often seems like Apple products simply sell themselves. But what, then, of the hundreds of equally stylish—and so often mesmerizing—television ads the company's shelled out for over the years? Are they just for our amusement? Well, no, but sometimes they might as well be. There are few other ad campaigns with the capacity to stop TV viewers in their commercial-break tracks from the sofa to the fridge, and few others worth seeking out on YouTube even after you've gone to great TiVo-related lengths to avoid them the first time around. Part of it's the visual appeal—the classic earbud-adorned black figures jamming out against candy-colored backgrounds; clean, strong hands grabbing for sleek, new products—but, really, most of it's the music.

Since introducing the iPod in 2001 with that gleefully geeky, Propellerheads-soundtracked spot, Apple has used the would-be content of its devices to sell the goods themselves. And for nearly every new product that's come rolling out of Cupertino, a young band has been pulled along for the ride. Most recently, Jobs & Co. introduced us to Miss Li, the Stockholm-based cabaret-twee outfit whose "Bourgeois Shangri-La" can be heard in the ads for the new Nano. Not to be confused with fellow Swede Lykke Li (who, frankly, we're surprised hasn't been called up to hawk a 'pod or two herself), the band has a new album coming out in January, and we bet they're thankful for the stateside boost they'll likely get from this plum placement.

It doesn't hurt, of course, that the song is mind-blowingly earwormy, pushed along by a plucky little toy piano and lead singer Linda Carlsson's adorable crooning about small-talk and barbecue. But is it Apple's catchiest choice yet? We're not sure—it's got some tough competition. Here are fourteen of the catchiest Apple ads we can recall, plus Miss Li's latest entry, for your consideration.

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