Poultry Emotion: A 20-Piece Bucket o' Classic Chicken Songs

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Poultry Emotion: A 20-Piece Bucket o' Classic Chicken Songs

In honor of golden-throated Kentucky chicken farmer Kevin Skinner, who won the million-dollar grand prize on ; America’s Got Talent last week;;; ,; we offer this squawkingly great list of songs about the delicious bird this new pop-cultural phenomenon used to spend so much time looking after.

1. “Chicken Grease” – D’Angelo
2. “Chicken Payback” – A Band of Bees
3. “Dixie Chicken” – Little Feat
4. “Debra” – Beck
(“Like a fruit that’s ripe for the pickin’ / I wouldn’t do you like that Zankou Chicken”)
5. “Return to Hot Chicken” – Yo La Tengo 
6. “Old Fowl Ska” – Roland Alphonso
7. “Back at the Chicken Shack” – Jimmy Smith
8. “Run Chicken Run” – The Felice Brothers 
9. “Chicken Heads” – Bobby Rush
10. “Fried Chicken” – Nas feat. Busta Rhymes
11. “Hey Chicken” – Loose Fur
12. “A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off” – The Magnetic Fields 
13. “Steak for Chicken” – The Moldy Peaches
14. “July, July!” – The Decemberists 
(“This is the story of the road that goes to my house / And what ghosts there do remain / And all the troughs that run the length and breadth of my house / And the chickens how they rattle chicken chains”)
15. “Mama Bake a Pie (Daddy Kill a Chicken)” – Drive-By Truckers (Covering Tom T. Hall)
16. “Chicken Train Stomp” – Ozark Mountain Daredevils
17. “The Whole Damn Thing” – Those Darlins 
(“I got drunk and I ate chicken / I ate chicken I found in my kitchen / Not just a leg and not just a wing / I’d like to let you know that I ate the whole damn thing!”)
18. “Run Chicken Run” – Link Wray
19. “Chicken” – Mississippi John Hurt
20. “Yardbird Suite” – Charlie Parker

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