The 25 Best Horror Movies of All Time

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The 25 Best Horror Movies of All Time

Few people recognize horror films for what they truly are: a form of education. Guardian journalist Ryan Gibley recently made the argument that children should be exposed to scary movies, suggesting that "children don't only like to be frightened - they need it too, if their emotional development is to be complete," with children's author Joanna Nadin chiming in that "being scared is a rite of passage, but a pleasurable one. I don't see the gain in mollycoddling. I'd be devastated to find out now that I had missed out on, say, the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood getting chopped open, and Granny being found inside."

Director Danny Boyle and writer Alex Garland reconstructed an entire monster archetype with their introduction of the "Rage" virus, a nasty bug that makes zombies a lot more faster, feral and aggressive than grandaddy George A. Romero's lethargic corpses ever were. More interested in positing a gruesome analogy to the western world's political isolation during the second Iraqi war, the results nonetheless give a visceral thrill-ride through an abandoned England with crackling chemistry between leading man Cillian Murphy and his costars.