Why Kevin Is Top Chef

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Why Kevin Is Top Chef

I was wrong last time, but here I go again, trying to predict the winner of Top Chef: Las Vegas. I’m rooting for our hometown boy Kevin Gillespie all the way. Here’s why:

1. He’s giving back to his community, especially after the recent Georgia flooding. He’s hosting a charitable dinner to help save Georgia’s Love Is Love Farm on October 11, and he’s participating in the Field Of Greens festival this Sunday at Whippoorwill Hollow Farm, which donates proceeds to flood relief.

2. He’s not Robin.

3. His restaurant Woodfire Grill is fantastic—I love his farm-to-table creations.

4. He’s only 27 years old (as of yesterday), and he even cooked as a teenager—he won the Art Institute Of Atlanta’s Young Teen Chef Contest.

5. He’s just so nice. Even when the rest of the contestants were griping about Robin, he looked for the bright side: “I like to remember that this is a competition and its not just a matter of winning, often times it is a matter of not losing. In this Robin did quite well.”

6. He’s not Mike I.

7. He made bacon jam.

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