The 50 Best Music Videos of the Decade (2000-2009)

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45. Jay-Z – “99 Problems”
(D: Mark Romanek)

The Jigga and Rick Rubin cruise around NYC. If Jay-Z really wants to reclaim New York as his state, the “99 Problems” video makes his best case.

44. Of Montreal – “Wraith Pinned to the Mist and other Games”
(D: Lauren Gregg & Craig Sheldon)

Pulsing polka dots and whimsical animated creatures explode colorfully to life to the soundtrack of the most unlikely steakhouse jingle ever.

43. The White Stripes – “Conquest” (D: Diane Martel)
This elaborate video finds Jack White at the bullfights—and illustrates exactly why sympathy isn’t a trait one looks for in a matador.

42. 50 Cent – “In Da Club” (D: aha-ahaboy/Ahmed Harathi)

Big-budget movie sets and special effects wow as 50 is revived and then studied at some kind of top-secret desert installation where Dr. Dre and Eminem—donning white lab coats—take notes on his progress. Then, when he’s 100 percent, he gets his party on in a classic club scene.

41. “She & Him – “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?” (D: Marc Webb)
500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb draws you in with a mix of real-life footage and animation, but it’s the way he plays to Zooey Deschanel’s endless charms that really makes this such a great video.

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