The 10 Best Internet Memes of the Decade (2000-2009)

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5. Chuck Norris Facts (2005)


Conan O’Brien’s “Walker, Texas Ranger lever” is thought to be the inspiration for this much-flogged dead horse, which is now only funny in a way that escapes the average person who recites Chuck Norris facts. And last year Norris levied his cyberfame as Mike Huckabee’s spokesman. Yikes.

4. I Can Has Cheezburger? (2007)


The impetus of the infamous LOLcat craze, this picture of an excited-looking, typo-prone feline went on to spawn countless imitators. It can now be seen clogging your inbox, courtesy of a forward from your grandmother.

3. Rickroll (2008)


You might think the link you’re clicking is taking you somewhere pertinent, but no: It’s the video of Rick Astley’s campy blue-eyed soul mega-hit “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Astley turned the tables on all of us by appearing in the 2008 Macy’s Thanksgivings Day parade, rickrolling an audience of millions in one fell swoop.

2. Star Wars Kid (2002)


A Canadian high schooler was so inspired by Star Wars that he videotaped himself swinging a golf ball retriever like Darth Maul. But even a Jedi has his limits—after the clip became the most viewed viral video of all time, the kid sued four of his schoolmates for harassment.

1. Lazy Sunday (2005)


The video that put both YouTube and Andy Samberg on the map. This SNL digital short of Chris Parnell and Samberg rapping about cupcakes and Narnia was viewed more than 5 million times before NBC yanked it—like just about every other damn SNL skit someone uploads to YouTube.

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