For Those Not Quite Asleep (We Salute You): 12 Songs to Cure Insomnia

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For Those Not Quite Asleep (We Salute You): 12 Songs to Cure Insomnia

Today’s List of the Day goes out to to all of you exhausted insomniacs out there. With help from the the Paste staff, we’ve compiled a set of a dozen songs to help you sleep…

1. Brian Eno – “By This River” (Austin L. Ray, Web Editor)
One of the most peaceful songs ever created, “By This River” evokes it’s title—all gentle breeze, uninterrupted solitude and communal moments with nature. Eno’s not typically one for hippie shit, but this track is like aural yoga; it massages the senses and takes the listener happily off to sleepyland. Don’t bother resisting.

2. Air – “Surfing On a Rocket” (Kate Kiefer, Associate Editor)
This fanciful song will lull you to sleep and, if you’re lucky, lead to dreams about surfing on a rocket. (Watch the video)

3. Laura Veirs – “Sun Is King” (Gage Henry, Intern)
Despite the title, this sleepy lullaby is best heard underneath a moon, it’s bright, drifting melody the perfect segue into dreamland. (Listen)

4. The Beatles – “I’m So Tired” (Steve LaBate, Associate Editor)
John Lennon’s lazy, yawning vocal deliver. The syrupy bass line. The nearly unconscious drum beat—”I’m So Tired” is Ambien in song form. Strange that a track about one man’s insomnia could help the masses drift peacefully off to sleep.

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