The Eight Most Auspicious Musical Debuts of 2009

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Paste has weighed in with its Best Albums of 2009, but over the
holiday break, each of our editorial staffers is giving us a glimpse of
his or her personal favorites from the year. Here’s assistant editor Rachael Maddux on her favorite debuts of 2009.

Earlier this year, I began my tenure as Paste’s new-artist editor, which means I’ve assigned most of the Band of the Week, Artist of the Day, Emergent and Best of What’s Next profiles you’ve read in print and online this year. It also means I’ve listened to a whole hell of a lot of new music by a whole hell of a lot of new bands, “a whole hell of a lot” being industryspeak for “more than you would think the universe could possibly withstand.” A lot of was real good, a lot was real bad, and a few artists still have me kinda giddy like a schoolgirl, even after all these months. And so, as the Paste staff weighs in this week on our personal favorites of the year, I present to you my picks for the eight most auspicious musical debuts of 2009. All of these folks knocked my socks off in one way or another this year, and I’m pretty excited about what they’ll do next.

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