Happy Birthday, Chan Marshall: Five Reasons to Celebrate Cat Power

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Since Cat Power sole proprietor Chan Marshall turns 38 today, we thought it was only fitting to take some time to reflect on a handful of our favorite things about the Paste-approved singer/songwriter. She's dazzled listeners for years with her intoxicatingly smooth voice, releasing nine albums during the course of her career (and she's in the early stages of working on a tenth). So here's to you, Chan. And here are but five reasons why we're glad you were born:

1. She has great videos to go with her great music.

2. Turns out, she actually does love cats.
Although her name may not stem from a deep affinity for felines (Marshall's stage name was inspired by a trucker hat advertising Caterpillar machinery that read: "Cat Diesel Power"), but that doesn't mean there's no place in her heart for furry friends. In fact, Marshall once lent her likeness to PETA to create an e-card encouraging pet owners to spay and neuter their animals:


3. She crafts an excellent cover song.

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