Eight Great Moments on Vampire Weekend's New Album, Contra

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Eight Great Moments on Vampire Weekend's New Album, <em>Contra</em>

The new Vampire Weekend album is out today!

As you may have guessed from our cover story and rave review, we think rather highly of this particular quartet and their sophomore disc. Here are eight reasons why:

1) “Horchata” 0:49 — The glorious refrain of the album’s first song, when Ezra Koenig directly addresses the listener, crooning, “Here comes the feeling you thought you’d forgotten,” which pretty much captures the joy of a new Vampire Weekend record for those of us who geeked out about the first one.

2) “Diplomat’s Son” 0:00 — If there’s anything better than a Vampire Weekend song, it’s a Vampire Weekend song featuring M.I.A. The sample kicks in from the very first second.

3) “I Think Ur A Contra” 3:00 — Koenig softly singing, “You wanted good schools, and friends with pools,” which nearly led to a grotesque error in our cover story, because for the longest time I misheard it as “friends with poodles,” which also sort of works.

4) “I Think Ur A Contra” 3:33 — The little percussive outro that closes out the song, and the album. You know they’re a thoughtful band when they’re still adding details this close to the end.

5) “Taxi Cab” 0:48 — I remember, a long time ago, someone raving about the way Stuart Murdoch sang the word “curl” on “Ease Your Feet in the Sea.” This is the same sort of deal: I love the way Koenig pronounces “aristocrat,” as though he was born with the word in his mouth.

6) “White Sky” 1:04 — A glorious cluster of wordless whoops. Koenig has never sounded so free.

7) “Giving Up The Gun” 4:10: — Christopher Tomson’s hammering drum fill, which comes right after a wonderful little passage with female background vocals, and propels the song toward its finale.

8) “California English” 0:01 — No apologies, I’m all about the Auto-Tune.

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