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For the better part of a year now, we’ve been telling you about our favorite Twitter users to follow, from photographers to musicians to comedians to Star Trek personalities. But what about delicious consumables? If you’re a Twiter-using foodie, you know that making dinner is a whole lot easier when tasty recipes are popping up in your feed. Even if mac and cheese is more your style than steak tartare, the gorgeous pictures of many of the below are reason enough to follow. We’ve also thrown in some Twitter users covering drinks, because every good meal is better with the right beverage pairing. In no particular order, then:

1. Chef John – @FoodWishes
Chef John’s Twitter page features pictures of culinary delights he’s created or had at different restaurants that will make you salivate. It also links to his blog where he has posted tons of video recipes. It’s hard to mess up when you have a coach right in front of you.

2. Waffleizer – @waffleizer
This man will put just about anything into a waffle maker. Everything from burgers to falafel to cake. And his hilarious self-deprecation sweetens up his feed like cinnamon on a Sunday Belgian.

3. Caroline Lubbers – @whippedtheblog
Whether it’s the fourth date, or 5,000th, when you’re cooking for someone you want to impress, it’s often hard to figure out what to make. But Lubbers’ blog offers mouthwatering ideas in 140 character or less. Take this one: “Making awesome pork chops tonight rubbed w cumin, chili & salt mixture. Sear, add lime juice, garlic, cilantro and bake at 400 for 10min.” Yes, please.

4. Emily Fleischaker – @emofly
She’s the multimedia editor at Bon Appetit, so you know she knows what she’s talking about. Plus she’s full of helpful tidbits about the best products, recipes and restaurants.

5. Lisa Fain – @homesicktexan
Fain lives in New York City, but is constantly making and tweeting about the dishes that remind her of Texas. Her philosophy, “A good day begins with a bowl of beans and a biscuit,” is hard to argue with, and her Tex-Mex recipes are pure spicy/cheesy delight.

6. Karen Mordechai – @sundaysuppers
A photographer, Mordechai’s pictures of the seasonal goodies she cooks are incredible. She also peppers in restaurant reviews.

7. Rebecca Crump – @ezrapoundcake
Her Twitter bio pegs her as a “blogger, baker, booty-shaker,” and she posts yummy looking treats on the regular. Plus, her blog answers practical questions like, “What meal would you bring to a new mom?”

8. Beer Advocate – @BeerAdvocate
If you’ve been reading Paste for a while, you’ll know we aren’t shy about our love for great beer around here. This is one of our favorite sources about one of our favorite beverages, and is a fantastic place to discover a new brew.

9. The Smitten – @thesmitten
This snarky mom talks about all the confusing parts of being a foodie, like whether you measure in grams or ounces. Plus, she enjoys waxing hilarious/random on pop culture: “P.S. Lady Gaga is a total Fox in Socks and I’m pretty sure my son wants to play with her hair.”

10. What We’re Eating – @whatwereeating
Amanda from the What We’re Eating blog has a pretty interesting Twitter feed, but the real reason she’s on this list is because she’s one of the masterminds behind the most amazing food site ever. Just try not to drool looking at FoodPornDaily.com.

11. Michael Voltaggio – @MVoltaggio
This food-world bad boy won the latest season of Top Chef, has a cocky, foul-mouthed attitude and posts Twitpics from inside the kitchen at his restaurant.

12. Ideas In Food – @ideasinfood
When you’ve got cooking’s equivalent of writer’s block and you’re tired of the same old spaghetti, try this one. If “horseradish-miso marinated skate wings” sounds a little complicated, maybe it’s time you step up your game.

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