25 Foodies to Follow on Twitter

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13. Slashfood – @slashfood
This amazing resource posts myriad information from all corners of the food world. From recipes to food news to reviews of food TV shows, it has it all.

14. Hey Yum Sugar – @heyyumsugar
This feed has great links to food articles and a rewarding feature called Know Your Ingredients, so next time you read a recipe that calls for bresaola, you’ll know what to look for.

15. Cybele May – @candyblog
Covering candy of all sorts, If you have a sweet tooth, May is a must-follow. She talks about hard-to-find candies from all over the world.

16. New York Times Dining – @nytimesdining
Although we tried to keep this list to lesser-knowns, the official Twitter page of the New York Times dining section is an absolute foodie essential.

17. Liquor Snob – @theliquorsnob
These folks test drive new liquors so you don’t waste your money on another handle of impulse-buy tomato-flavored vodka. Bonus: They also have cocktail recipes.

18. Foodimentary – @foodimentary
Posts tips, tricks and fun food facts. If these tweets don’t improve your kitchen skills, they will at least give you some conversation starters. Our favorite Foodimentay tweet: ”’Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!’ ~ Dom Perignon, at the moment he discovered champagne.”

19. Lavida Locavore – @locavoreblog
Obsessed with helping folks in their quest for the freshest local food, this is a great one to follow if you like your food slow. It also has tips and information about food safety and politics.

20. Food Gawker – @foodgawker
Food Gawker aggregates recipes from all over the interwebs into one handy Twitter feed.

21. Susan Filson – @StickyGooeyChef
This mom, food blogger and musician is so upbeat and positive, she’s like a virtual internet mom. Her attitude will make you try again when the paella you slaved over for 12 hours turns out to be inedible.

22. Sarah J. Gim – @thedelicious
Funny and knowledgeable about food, Gim is always entertaining. One of our favorite posts: “Heated debate: Which of these is worst: all you can eat buffet or half price sushi.”

23. Curtis Stone – @curtis_stone
This Aussie chef was classically trained in London, is a published author and can teach you how to properly blanche your veggies. What more could you ask for?

24. Tim Mazurek – @LottieandDoof
Mazurek’s feed links to the Lottie + Doof blog that has absolutely gorgeous pictures of the food he makes at home. Maybe his chocolate caramel tart (pictured above) is outside of your skill set, but hey, at least you can drool over the photo!

25. Sweet Tartelette – @SweetTartelette
This food photographer posts tons of recipes along with her mouthwatering pictures, because as much fun as it is to look at well-composed shots of food, it’s even more fun to make it yourself.

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