Five Reasons NBC Should Be Ashamed of Itself

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Five Reasons NBC Should Be Ashamed of Itself

NBC used to be my favorite major network. It had Seinfeld. It had Cheers. It had standards.

But the peacock has fallen so far, and so fast, that I cannot even treat it with the utter indifference I reserve for the other three major networks. I now hold NBC in actual contempt. Let me count the ways:

1. The network’s Olympic coverage hit a new low Sunday night by failing to broadcast the prime-time USA-Canada hockey game on flagship NBC, or even CNBC. Instead, it showed the game on lowly MSNBC, opting to grace its more prominent airwaves with curling and ice dancing, two of the Olympics’ most laughable “sports.”

2. The Office isn’t as funny as it used to be. I’d rather watch 30 Rock, which is itself a blistering critique of NBC.

3. The network canceled Kings, a brilliant and ambitious new drama, almost immediately after its debut last year. And for what? What else were we watching Sunday nights that was so important? (Oh, right, ice dancing!)

4. NBC and Comcast are trying to merge. Surely that will be good for consumers, right? What’s great is that the merger is so controversial, NBC pooh-bah Jeff Zucker had to testify about it before the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this month. Because the United States Senate has no more pressing matters right now.

5. Still mad about Conan.