Six Pieces of TV Merchandise We Covet

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Six Pieces of TV Merchandise We Covet

This week, it was announced that the cast of Mad Men would be made over Barbie-and-Ken-style. Personally, I’m going to try and restrain myself from buying a miniature, plastic Don Draper (though it would be very satisfying to throw the arch-male chauvinist across the room the next time he cheats). However, there’s some pretty amazing TV-related stuff out there: here is some merch the Paste staff covets.

1. Dexter Blood Slide Coasters
These acrylic coasters on rubber feet resemble Dexter Morgan’s blood slide collection. They even come in a wooden box that’s so pretty you won’t need to hide it away in your air conditioning vent. They’re available from Showtime for $29.97.

2. Battlestar Galactica Evolution of the Cylon Poster
This illustrated poster starts out with a toaster and ends with the Six (Tricia Helfer). It strikes my fancy not just because I am a BSG fangirl, but also because I always wanted the Brave Little Toaster to evolve into a real boy (or girl) and, with this poster, I can imagine he did! Available from Quantum Mechanix for $14.95.

3. Lost Dharma Poker Set
Not only do you get 200 chips with the Dharma logo, but you also get an aluminum case with keys. You could easily stow guns or a toy plane inside and no one would ever know. Available from ABC’s for $49.95.

4. Gob’s Segway
While this is more along the lines of buying the Batmobile than picking up a “Never Nudes Unite” mug, how awesome would it be to own Gob Bluth’s Segway This really is a dream purchase, because it’s no longer on eBay; someone already had the good sense to plunk down the minimum of $2,500 asked for this baby.

5. “Carcetti For Mayor” T-Shirt
Show your support for no-nonsense Baltimore Dem, The Wire’s Tommy Carcetti, with one of these tee’s. Available from Cult Shirts on in a variety of sizes and styles.

6. A Bottle of True Blood 
Your dinner guests will see that you’ve come out of the coffin with this succulent beverage, and you’ll get to enjoy a bottle of blood orange juice. Available from the HBO Shop for $29.95.