Seven Tweeters To Follow At SXSW 2010

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If, like me, this is your first year at SXSW, you’re probably walking around, map and iPhone at the ready, getting desperately lost whenever you veer off of Sixth Street. But Twitter can help you navigate the maze of people and music (it can help you with most things in life, actually). Here is a list of discerning critics, industry folk and superfans to help you get the most out of downtown Austin, and maybe even find out which hole-in-the-wall pub Bill Murray is bartending at.

1. @matadorrecords
With updates on everything from the latest at Fader Fort to the latest Abigail Breslin sightings, Matador’s tweeters have you covered.

2. @allsongs
As always, NPR is everywhere, reporting on everything, even via microblog. In the space of four hours, they’ve covered everyone from Malawi’s Esau Mwamwaya to jj to Nneka.

3. @dcap
Daniela Capistrano, founder of the POC Zine Project, is worth following not just for her mini-live reviews, but for tweets like “Austin is wifi heaven on a platter made of bbq.”

4. @1000TimesYes
Chris Weingarten has included reviews for many of the 53 bands he’s seen so far.

5. @hardlyart
The Seattle record label is a great source on all things SXSW Northwest, including the Duchess & the Duke, Moondoggies and the Sub Pop showcase.

6. @MostlyBrooklyn
Updates on Fanfarlo and Surfer Blood along with run-downs on line lengths? Yes please.

7. @annkpowers
Lonely Forest, Patty Griffin and Court Yard Hounds; this is a critic with taste.

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