Authoritah Respected: South Park's 10 Best Celebrity Takedowns

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Authoritah Respected: <em>South Park</em>'s 10 Best Celebrity Takedowns

It’s odd to think of South Park as “venerable,” but that’s a pretty good descriptor for a show in its 14th season. It’s been 200 episodes and nearly a decade-and-a-half since we were first introduced to the perpetually snow-blanketed town of South Park, Colorado and its way-past-depraved residents. No cow is too sacred for the show’s creators, especially celebrities; on tonight’s episode, “200,” every single person of fame who’s been maligned and mocked will return for a class-action lawsuit that “could be the thing that destroys South Park forever.” So on the eve of this historic event, a career retrospective is in order: 10 of South Park’s most epic and hilarious celebrity parodies.