Paste Casts the Five Remaining "Lost" Stanley Kubrick Films

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Last week, word emerged that one of Stanley Kubrick’s long lost film scripts, Lunatic at Large, would be brought to the big screen, some 50 plus years after Kubrick abandoned the project to work on Spartacus. According to The New York Times, the film, a mystery about a mental asylum escapee set in New York City during the ‘50s, was found by Kubrick’s son-in-law among trunks of papers left behind after the filmmaker’s death in 1999. The main story centers on an ex-carnival worker with anger-management issues who seduces a bar floozy. Scarlett Johansson and Sam Rockwell have signed on to star in the movie, with Chris Palmer directing.

Lunatic at Large isn’t the only script Kubrick left behind; there are five other known remaining “lost” Kubrick films, and we’ve taken the opportunity to cast them on the following pages. You’re welcome, Hollywood.

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