Nine Great Etsy Gifts for New Graduates

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Nine Great Etsy Gifts for New Graduates

It’s May, the joyous month of coeds in itchy polyester robes and gleefully-tossed mortarboards flooding the lush green quads of academic institutions all over the country, loved ones tagging along with overworked digital cameras and armfuls of flowers in tow. Also, sometimes gifts! But what to give to the recently-commenced? It’s easy enough to write a check to your favorite graduate, or stuff a Hallmark card with a Bed, Bath & Beyond gift-card to furnish their new digs, but why not take the handmade route this year? Whether you’re shopping for a fresh-faced high-schooler, a job-market wary college kid, new lawyers or doctors or Masters of Whatever, Etsy probably has the perfect gift. Here are nine of our favorites.

Double Your Luck pendant or charm by KDemARTe, $9.00
They’re gonna need it.

Mook Love, Anatomical Style by ilovegreyskies, $45.00
Add a bit of whimsy to your doctor-pal’s new waiting room.

Bit O’ Eames Recycled Wood Business Card Holder by andrewsreclaimed, $15.00
If you’re stuck at a desk job, might as well spruce up the view.

Everything is alright poster by rarrarpress, $15.00
Stock up! One for the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, inside of eyelids, etc.