The Wonderful World of James Ford: Sawyer's Ten Best Pop Cultural References

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Say what you will about the Lost writers, James Ford, a.k.a., Sawyer, is one smart cookie. From Watership Down to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to Shakespeare to Oliver Twist to Strawberry Shortcake to Seinfeld he’s probably the most widely-referencing character on TV (or at the least most coherent—Tracy Jordan may have him beat in sheer volume). Since this is the final day of Sawyer-dom, here are the greasy-haired antihero’s best moments of pop-culture-saturated nicknaming, and the sources from which he draws.

10. Yoda, Star Wars
In Episode Nine of Season Three, Ben presses Sawyer about Kate and he says “You’re Wasting your time, Yoda.”

9. Underdog, Underdog
In Episode Seven of Season Three, Alex hides Sawyer and Kate in a hole. Sawyer asks her: “This a hobby of yours, Underdog, digging holes?”

8. Dr. Quinn, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
In Episode Nine of Season One, a brutally-tortured Sawyer references Little House on the Prairie’s twin sister Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman when he says to the concerned Jack: “How’d I score the house call, Dr. Quinn?”

7. George Costanza, Seinfeld
In Episode Four of Season Three, during one of Sawyer’s flashbacks, he says to fellow inmate Munson: “You think the warden is breaking up those fights because you’re cute, Costanza?”

6. Cool Hand Luke, Cool Hand Luke
In Season Two, episode 17, he says to Jack during a poker game: “Well, you’re in trouble now, Cool Hand.”

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