9 Cool Things To Do with Your Twitter Account

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9 Cool Things To Do with Your Twitter Account

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Sure, with a Twitter account you can tell your friends about the amazing contents of your lunch. You can even hear about the amazing contents of your favorite celebrity’s lunch. But that’s just the tip of the Twitter iceberg. You can use your account enter contests, sign into other sites, even get famous—or control the actions of otherwise sane human being. Here are nine of our favorite Twitter resources.


1. Have a Twitter parade.

Sure, you may have a 1,000 people following you on Twitter, but what fun is that if you can’t see them literally following you. IS Parade lets you create a virtual parade, where you get to be the Grand Marshall. Hang around long enough, and a handful of them will even carry a giant statue of you. You can also pick a keyword and see who’s been talking about it.


2. Tip the Twitter Swear Jar

Twitter isn’t always the most family-friendly of places, but the Twitter Swear Jar is trying to clean things up. Of course, the site can be a little overzealous in its purity, suggesting fines to me for Tweeting about Herbie Hancock and Joe Cocker. The site has logged over 5 million swear words since it launched June 1. It’s also raised a little over $2,000 for charities like Malaria No More and Stand Up to Cancer, making the occasional curse word worthwhile.


3. Check the status of your status.

For those of you who think of Twitter as a numbers game, Twitter Counter will crunch them for you, answering questions like, “What’s my Twitter rank?” or “How many new followers do I get in a typical day?” or “How many followers will I have in a month?” Twitter Counter tracks your follower trends.