10 Ways The Internet Wants To Get You Excited About The World Cup

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Some of us don’t need any help. Weeks ago, we could have told you the days, hours and minutes until South Africa faces Mexico in the FIFA 2010 World Cup’s first match—thanks to our ESPN World Cup iPhone app. But, in case you’re not this guy, we thought you could use some help getting fired up about the world’s biggest sports tournament. Here are 10 bits of web awesomeness spreading World Cup fever.

1. “Zol!” by BLK JKS

Just press play on this song while you read through the rest of this list. It’s from the South African band BLK JKS who will be playing the World Cup kick-off concert, airing at 2pm today on ESPN2 (and again tomorrow night on ABC).

“It’s hard not to look at it romantically and politically in a grand fashion,” guitarist Mpuma Mcata tells Paste about hosting the world. “For a young nation, it’s like the stamp on the idea of progress and the fact that we’ve worked our way into being the so-called first world. It’s kind of the cherry on top, but it of course doesn’t mean it’s the end of our problems.”

(Other musical suggestions include “Kick” by INXS and “Fall Down” by Toad the Wet Sprocket. Or you can just play lots of Rooney and/or Donovan in honor of the USA/England match-up Saturday.)

2. The 2010 Fantasy Cheaters League

Sure, your office has a World Cup pool. (You can also play against the Paste staff in the Paste World Cup challenge for a chance to win a prize pack of CDs and DVDs.) But it’s nothing compared to The Fantasy Cheaters League to predict the biggest scoundrels, divers and ruffians of the tournament.

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