10 Ways The Internet Wants To Get You Excited About The World Cup

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7. The Best Goal Celebrations

The NFL (No Fun League) would have penalized any of these celebrations, but there’s very little you can’t do when you score a goal—and the creativity is endless. Check out the video below or check out this one here to Collapsed Lung’s “Eat My Goal.”

8. The Best World Cup Blogs

My friend Patrick Connelly is the only person I know more obsessed about this tournament than me. He’ll hopefully join me in blogging at Paste on my High Gravity blog, but here are his picks for other bloggers to follow during the World Cup:

The Guardian
_The Times
ESPN Soccernet
BBC Football
The New Republic World Cup blog
Prospect Magazine
Zonal Marketing (Gives you the strategies and formations behind each team)
“The Washington Post
The New York Times soccer blog Goal.
Ives Galarcepby_ives/
World Cup College
Grant Wahl at _Sports Illustrated
World Cup Blog (Large group blog written by followers of all 32 teams here)

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