10 Ways The Internet Wants To Get You Excited About The World Cup

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9. US Soccer’s Studio 90

Daily video from the USMNT. Let’s hope they play better soccer than golf. Here they are on their first day off in South Africa, feeding giraffes and playing with baby lions:

10. Highlights from the 2009 Confederation’s Cup Semi-Final

The U.S. [insert nickname heregravity/2010/06/us-soccer-needs-a-nickname.html] might be underdogs, but this team isn’t without its accomplishments. If you don’t get chills watching last year’s game against Spain (while Explosions in the Sky plays in the background), there may be no hope for you.

*Bonus #11. The U.S. and British ambassadors to each others’ countries, Philip Breedan and Martin Longden, trash talk in the most diplomatic fashion.. The wager is a steak dinner, and Longden notes, “Incidentally, you should know that the Ambassador takes his steak like American soccer victories – somewhat rare.”

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