The 20 Best Seinfeld Moments

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The 20 Best <em>Seinfeld</em> Moments

It was May 31, 1990 when a sarcastic-but-(mostly)-lovable Jerry Seinfeld and his three quirky friends first appeared on our television sets to give us a half-hour of hilarity based around, well, nothing. That was 20 years ago, Monday.

Happy Anniversary, Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George. We’re celebrating with the 20 Best Seinfeld Moments ever. We didn’t rank them (that would be like picking a favorite child), but instead submit them for your YouTubing pleasure.

Here’s to you, Seinfeld.

Kramer at the Dojo

If there’s one thing Kramer excels at, it’s zany physical comedy. Watching him beat the snot out of pee-wee karate contender after pee-wee karate contender is pure, uncomfortable gold. The look on his first terrified opponent’s face—framed by a totally awesome ‘90s haircut—makes this one immortal. Lindsay Eanet

The Keith Hernandez Spit Incident

You have to wonder what colossal moment of A.D.D. led the writers of this episode to stop mid-script and insert a solid razzing of Oliver Stone’s conspiratorial classic, JFK. Or maybe it was something like…

“Hey, Larry David, where’s the trash can in this room?”

“Oh, it’s back and to the left. Wait a second…” Corey Humphress

Watch here..

“These pretzels are making me thirsty.”

Seinfeld was about nothing, but it was also very much about its setting of New York City. When Kramer lands a line in a movie with NYC icon Woody Allen, the whole gang weighs in with interpretations on how he should say it, which match their respective characters to a tee. But it’s George who ends up stealing the scene with his freakout at the end. Must be some salty pretzels. Lindsay Eanet


When Jerry’s girlfriend walks in on George changing after a swim (and lets out a foreboding giggle) George calls upon Jerry to help him explain the physical phenomenon of post-pool depreciation. Corey Humphress

George’s Answering Machine

It’s the juxtaposition of sound and image that makes this one work: George, sitting in his chair, nonchalantly watching TV and munching on popcorn while his answering machine message plays. His amusing parody of the theme from The Greatest American Hero, complete with backing music, is a hilarious mash-up of television legends. Lindsay Eanet

Watch here.