Five More Actors Martin Scorsese Should Consider for His Frank Sinatra Biopic

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Five More Actors Martin Scorsese Should Consider for His Frank Sinatra Biopic

It’s hard to keep up with the seemingly endless films Martin Scorsese has brewing (a George Harrison documentary, a Mafia flick dubbed The Irishman and a 3D kids movie, The Invention of Hugo Cabret), but, for more than a year now, our favorite living director has also been piecing together a biopic on romanticized singer/actor Frank Sinatra.

One might expect the film, dubbed Sinatra, to be a glamorous glimpse at the man’s life; a feel-good movie about winning Oscars, singing swing ballads and rolling with Hollywood’s Rat Pack. But the man who brought the violent fury of Jake LaMotta to the silver screen is having none of that. According to The First Post, Scorsese’s depiction of Ol’ Blue Eyes will take a surprisingly “dark direction,” focusing on the late entertainer’s alleged ties to the Mafia.

Renowned actors like Al Pacino, Leonardo DiCaprio (a staple in much of Scorsese’s recent work), George Clooney and Johnny Depp have been rumored to be starring in the film. And, for a while, even Jamie Foxx was vying for the role. Scorsese has indicated that he prefers Al Pacino to play the late Sinatra, but there is a possibility that more than one actor will be cast as the Italian-American balladeer. While we wait to see whether or not we have a Sinatra rendition of I’m Not There on our hands, we’ve come up with five additional actors we think would fit the part.