Retiring the Throne: The Very Best of Larry King

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Yes, it’s true: Larry King just announced that he’s retiring from his long-running gig as the perennially-suspendered, nigh-ageless host of CNN’s Larry King Live. We can’t blame him—after a quarter-century of running one of the most well-respected news shows on cable, the dude deserves a break. So join us, if you will, on a retrospective of The King’s greatest recent moments.

Carrie Prejean’s freakout
Have you ever wanted to see someone on live TV freak out for literally no reason other than being asked a simple, inoffensive question? And then threaten to storm off the set? Now’s your chance:

Jerry Seinfeld gets a little defensive
Jerry is apparently very, very particular about the distinction between the ending of a TV contract and a show being cancelled. So much so that he can recall the number of viewers who watched the Seinfeld finale at-the-ready. Fortunately, King at least remembered that Jerry is Jewish, and from Brooklyn:

The Ashton Kutcher diss
Ashton Kutcher challenged Larry King and CNN to see who could reach a million Twitter followers first. Yes, Ashton won this one, but at least we got a hilarious video response from a too-deadpan King in the process:

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