Seventeen Music and Movie Website Superlatives

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Last week, we shared our favorite music of 2010 (so far). Today, we decided to throw the Internet into the mix. Below, we award superlatives to a smattering of music and movie artist websites.

Best Waste of Time
The cartoon band has a style its own that we could go on about, but the best (or at least most intriguing) part of the Gorillaz website is this “Visit the Beach/Island” feature that goes along with their latest release, Plastic Beach. Okay, so maybe we’re not 100% sure exactly how or why or even what this interactivity does (at one point we found ourselves listening to a conversation between a depressed seagull and a pelican with a wrench lodged in its throat) but we did spend a good amount of time exploring it.

Cutest Couple
She And Him
Of course Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward would win an award with this title. Just look at them! They’re downright adorable, and their website reflects that. It’s done in a simplistic, wistful retro style that you can peruse as a record in the top left hand corner spins She & Him tunes. Clouds float in the background and unbelievably charming images of Deschanel and Ward appear when you hover over the homepage. Sigh.

Best Use of Song Lyrics
Radiohead’s website is, unsurprisingly, perplexing at first. On the homepage you find a whole lot of plain, small text and somewhat esoteric blog posts from Yorke & Co. Clicking around, though, is rewarded — for example, under a tab titled “Memory Hole” you find the evolution of Radiohead’s former websites from beginning to end. The “Scrap Book” link is heaven for the fans that delight in all things Radiohead, downright mystifying for those who don’t, and it twists their lyrics in a manner like never before.

Most Nostalgic
Since Hanson’s “MMMBop” days, the three brothers have grown some facial hair, changed their sound a little, and paired with TOMS Shoes for some activism. There’s a sense of their late-’90s roots that they just can’t shake though, and Hanson’s site reflects that. Case-in-point: One of the most recent entries in the public forums (which host literally tens of thousands of posts) is titled “random high-school cliques.” Perhaps some things never change?

Best Use of Disembodied Facial Features
  Local Natives
Why would we mention a site like this? Because it’s exactly what you’d picture—subtly shifting vintage images are interspersed and mingled with underwater art, and while the result is a little woozy to say the least, it also totally works for this L.A.-based band. As for the facial features, well, we won’t spoil those for you.

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